Reduce Your IT Support Costs

Outsource your IT support

This may seem like an expensive option at first but if you’re serious about your business then you’ll want to spend all of your time working on it. You don’t want to be forced to learn how to fix computers or troubleshoot annoying software glitches, or setting up your company server. Leave this stuff to the experts so you can focus on whatever it is you do that makes money.

A good technology support company (a real IT company not a “Geek Squad” from your local big box store) will assess your needs and recommend solutions to save you money in the long term. They’ll be your one stop technology support team for all your IT needs.

You need to do what you do best, drive customers and revenue into your business. Leaving the technology side of things to the experts will save you money, frustration, costly mistakes, downtime and all the other things that can go wrong when technology is left in the wrong hands.

Consider a managed service plan

The technology company you choose to support your business may offer a managed service plan. This is a plan that will typically include ALL of your IT support needs and even some hardware for one monthly fee. This creates a predictable monthly cost you can budget for each month.

Now you have to be careful and review the details of their offerings. Ask the following questions:

  • How many hours each month are included (is there a cap)?
  • What hardware if any is included?
  • Is after hours and weekend support included?
  • Are projects included, ie new server installation?
  • Is new hardware that I purchase included?
  • Are there any penalties to cancel the agreement?

Knowing the answer to these questions could make the difference between saving money and losing money. If done right this is a great way to reduce your IT support costs. One thing to keep in mind is that your monthly fee will not change, even when everything is working just fine and you start to wonder why you’re paying so much each month.

Have a single point of contact

When it comes to reducing your IT support costs, having all your IT issues routed to someone internally at your office before calling your tech company can make a big difference.

I’ve seen an issue happen at a client’s office that ended up being a problem on their server. This problem however started affecting different staff at different times and each one of those 30 staff would call us to troubleshoot the issue.

Now it may take a few calls before your tech company realizes that these calls are linked to the same issue and starts looking at larger server or network related problems. They are likely to bill for that time or take it from your allotted hours.

If you had a single point of contact at your office that all IT support issues were forwarded to, there would only be a single call to your tech support team and your internal point of contact would quickly notice a common thread between all the calls coming in.

This not only saves you money by reduced calls, but also by helping your tech company isolate the problem faster and therefore less costly.