Remote Tech Support for a Small Business

Choosing the provider

It’s not a good idea to take this decision without thinking a lot. You should take your time to do the research and look for the right company. The provider should have good reputation and a support plan that won’t break the bank.

Considering in-house tech support

A dedicated IT staff can help a lot provided you take into account all the important factors, such as the company size, tech challenges, and your internal and external needs related to your customers.

Considering hybrid solutions is also a great idea where you can bring a professional to handle critical issues. For other projects, you can use a remote IT support team. For instance, you can use this team to take care of emergency issues.

Investing in good software

Your business may have more than one location. Your commitments may be time-sensitive and your deliverables may be complex. Your customers or clients may be diverse with needs that keep on changing.

To meet these needs, you need to buy a reliable remote app in order to offer support to each of your client. The same app can be used by

Fax And Business

The fax machine was only made into a staple of office life in the 1970’s. The Japanese were the first to recognise its value in business and make it an essential addition to communication. The reason that the fax machine was so simple is because it could take messages that were in English and print them out in Japanese, without the Japanese having to have a machine that had all 6000 characters of their alphabet on it. As soon as this was discovered, the fax became a staple in every office as well as home.

Fax machines were also the first pieces of technology that gave rise to fast and efficient communication, as well as the ability to print out documents as well as receive them. Fax machines then came with built in photocopiers, so that people could make copies of the faxes that they received. This meant that anyone from anywhere in the world could do business with or communicate with anyone from elsewhere.

Faxes were also the first pieces of technology that made a signature authentic. Any signature that is on a fax document is considered to be truer than an electronic signature. No

Company Seals

Company seals are also commonly referred to as embossing seals, corporate seals, embossers, embossing stamps and much more. What they all do is to create a visible imprint. You can even feel the imprint when you pass your hands on the material that you have embossed. That’s how different they are from normal ink stamps.

Are company seals necessary?
In some countries like Uganda, company seals are mandatory. But in other countries, they are optional. However, most companies opt to use them on legal documents for authentication purposes.

Companies use company seals on documents like agreements, minutes of the board of directors meetings, employment contracts, loan documents, bank accounts opening, membership certificates and other legal documents or commitments by the company.

Corporations adopt company seals and change them according to their need and upon the approval of the company directors. These seals are kept in secure places to avoid landing into the hands of wrong people, which may lead to legal repercussions and loss of money.

Who uses company seals?
Limited companies use them to emboss documents with their name and logo. Professionals like solicitors and notary publics use them to seal documents they

Advertising Balloons


Advertising is generally expensive. A balloon will give your business more exposure than a billboard would, and cost a lot less at the same time. Balloon advertising is highly effective yet cheap in comparison with most other forms of advertisements. The most important thing to do is to have a mix of beautiful and attractive colors. There are various types of colors which can be used to design your balloon for that custom look you want. Have a unique branded balloon created for your business, and you may just see your business flying high.

They Are Unique

Some branded advertising balloons are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material and can be used for extended periods of time. The colors that are used for printing vary as well. This way, it is possible to come up with unique balloons of your own choice which ensures that people remember and identify them to your business.


It is easy to use advertising balloons to market a particular product or brand. It is actually possible to shape your advertising balloons into shapes that look like the product you are advertising. This is an added advantage

Real Deals

Increase ROI from Advertizing Investment –

The more often your ads are seen in print, the more likely your customers will pick up the phone or stop by your store. Make sure the ads you place in print documents are highly visible and actively displayed more than once. (Newspaper readers, read it and toss it. Magazine readers pick it up over and over again.)

Ad Effectiveness –

Occasionally, buy or place two ads in a publication. Make one more visible than the other with great graphics, and give one a punch with real copy – worded to remind your customer that you’re the best DEAL in town. See which one works best, and do that ad more often.

Print Advertizing Options –

The most powerful ad graphics include pictures of the business owners. By far the most effective ads in print, are those that include a photo of the business owner, the location, and indication of what the business is about. Make sure your print ad includes words to grab the reader’s attention if the photos aren’t self explanatory.

Elements of a Successful Print Ad Campaign –

There are several elements

Improve Your Innovation Capabilities

Have an innovation strategy that articulates how the company will build and maintain its innovation capacity to support the forward-looking strategic aspirations of its business. It also gives direction for the balance and mix of innovation efforts to include incremental innovation, technological innovation or business model innovation. This helps the business acknowledge the need to explore new opportunities and achieve breakthrough innovation for growth while exploiting and steadily improving existing capabilities for profit – a common failure for many businesses. Google has a very unambiguous innovation strategy – “Through innovation and iteration, we aim to take things that work well and improve upon them in unexpected ways.” As a result, its innovation investments have always ranged from the routine innovation in its core advertising business to making exploratory investments in speculative projects such as Google Glass or a driverless car.

The innovation strategy then translates into a set of coherent rules tailored to the business strategy and culture of the company to provide specific guidance e.g. how the company generates ideas, how it evaluates, prioritises and ultimately selects the most promising ones to fund. Google’s non-stop inventiveness aims to innovate as fast as possible at all levels

Subscription Models

Recent transitions include tech biggies such as Adobe and Cisco which have discovered newer revenue streams through subscription models. In fact, Gartner has even predicted that by 2020, more than 80% of software vendors will change their business model from traditional license and maintenance to subscriptions.

So what’s prompted this change in mindset? Surely, the traditional pattern of ownership of resources served well for many businesses, even at a time when certain subscription services (think newspapers and magazines) were around?

The answer lies in the rapid rise of digital technologies and the consumerisation of IT which has set new expectations for what companies want from their business systems. As a result, more businesses are now prepared to offload key IT applications to subscription service players, in part because these companies offer more specialised technology skills, but primarily because these services help them achieve a greater focus on the most important aspect of their business – customers!

Of course, pricing is also an extremely important element fuelling this growth. Progressive software vendors are enabling businesses to be more flexible and scalable by offering pay-as-you-go plans. This allows even mid-sized and smaller businesses to compete in a

Values of Advertising

Security experts warn buyers on classified ads to always ensure that they patronize reliable websites before making any payment transactions.

Below you can find out the some reasons to patronize free websites for easy Advertisement;

  1. The target goal for any business dealer is to make sales and grow its business. So, classified postings ensure that online users are attracted to your listings. Thus, it enhances the market capabilities of your services.
  2. When a product is being advertised, it reach numerous number of people but there is need to consider targeting particular group of audience. This is proper because your aim is to reach respective users to know more about your products or services.
  3. Events planners have found classified advertising sites as a medium to invite targeted people to their events. One way they achieve this is to post their upcoming events on the specified category and sub-categories. More visitors are notified on daily basis about an upcoming event through mail subscription provided by the websites.
  4. Cost reduction is a factor people are always eager to hear. Advertising gulps almost 40% of business capital but since the emergence of Online classified ads, it has

Need Lots Of Landing Pages

A landing page is where you send folks who respond to a notice you’ve put out into the world. You want to engage these folks in a specific manner, and get them to perform a definite action, like join an email list or purchase a product.

So yes, you may technically have a three page website, but behind the scenes you may have over a dozen different landing pages, depending on where your incoming links are, the specific markets you’re targeting, the reasons they may have in responding to your call to action, and the conversations already going on in their heads.

Let’s say you sell dog collars. There are tons of reasons people might look for a dog collar. Maybe they want their small dog to be safe, maybe they want their large dog to have a stylish collar. Maybe they’re looking for a harness for their support animal. One person wants a collar that’s leather-free, while another one only wants natural materials. What you want is a specific page for each of these folks, one that addresses their concerns and ONLY their concerns.

As I’ve mentioned in previous ‘casts, there are two ways

Fabric Display Stands

Firstly, there are three types of fabric display stands, the first is the most popular option that consists of a printed “fabric sock” that is stretched over a metal tubular frame.

The next are Hop Up Displays, which have a concertina frame that the fabric is attached to. The graphics is continuously attached and can be contracted and expanded with the flexibility of the fabric. Once open, any creases are stretched out, leaving a seamless flat surface.

Lastly, tension lightbox graphics are fabric displays that are stretched over a metal frame and can be easily backlit using LED lighting panels. Tension graphics are printed fabric panels which have a silicone bead stitched to each edge of the fabric. This is then easily pushed into a slot within the metal frame stretching the fabric across the frame. With the fabric being easily inserted into the frame, the display panels can be easily changed by the end user.

High Quality Print

With recent advancements, fabrics can now be printed with the same resolution and quality as traditional display stands. Fabric displays use dye-sublimation processes to give a high quality, vivid print that is robust and chemically

About Expansion of E-Commerce

Entrepreneurs who are involved in start-ups should consider focusing their business towards an online store, rather than confining their company to a building. The internet can reach more consumers and could also allow businesses to have larger inventories. Providing consumers with a larger selection can lead to an increase in sales and having fewer physical locations can reduce the amount of money spent on overhead, thus increasing profit. Entrepreneurs with existing companies should also put more effort into their website for the same reasons. Many retailers also utilize promotional emails to draw customers to their site. These promotions are a way of reminding customers of their business and keeping the company front of mind. The website can also create a communication line between the company and the consumer. Customers may leave reviews on product and send feedback to the business, which could influence or encourage others to make purchases.

Amazon is a successful company that often comes to mind when consumers think of shopping online. As the largest name in e-commerce, they draw in many consumers by creating a fast and convenient shopping experience. They showcase a variety of products and have managed to greatly simplify the

Overcome the Fear of Starting a Business

Build up a solid foundation

Building a solid foundation and passionate community is essential from the very early stages of putting a business together. It is essential to have the right support in place to give time to reach the intended goals. While a lot of passion and determination is great, there is also a need to have a certain level of financial stability. The basic foundation to have in place is likely to include the keen customers, partners and investors. Each of these groups will help to achieve the desired financial success. Talk to as many people as possible when starting out to create a useful support system that will help build a lot of confidence and guidance.

Invest the right amount of time

In the early stages of starting a business it can be difficult to set the most ideal work-life balance. In the beginning, there will be a need to invest a lot of energy and time into the business to see the successful results. However, in time the business will start to have less of an impact on relationships and personal life. Plus, with a proper support system in place, this

Worst Cashflow Mistakes Small Business

  • Failing to think before you splurge. Great! You’ve started a business. You’re on the road to fame and fortune, and now’s the time to invest in an expensive suit and a new car, isn’t it? No, in short, it isn’t. This is exactly the time NOT to commit money – yours of the company’s – to anything you don’t need. So there’s the first lesson. Understand the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’. To succeed in business you need a phone, but the Armani suit can wait…
  • Expecting the best. This is about your financial planning. Understand that you’re not going to be a millionaire in the first year. On the contrary, you’ll be doing well if you can afford to pay yourself anything like a salary in Year One. If you overestimate the number of units you can sell, or the clients you can get to come on board, then revenue will be lower than you predict, and you may find yourself overstretched with any finance package you’ve put in place.
  • Offering credit. Poor paying suppliers can cripple small businesses. If you’re made to wait for payment, that’s like offering them an interest-free loan, and you

Mobile Advertising

Mobile ads are also very cost effective, highly responsive and act as a major source of lead generation, if we see it from an advertiser’s point of view. And hence, marketers aren’t leaving any stone unturned to maximize profit and reach their customers via mobiles.

Let’s have a look at some of the mobile methods by which you can generate leads immediately:

In app advertising

In app advertising is very popular and effective because people are spending all their times on mobile phones these days, and particularly, on apps. So, when an advertisement appears within an app, people are bound to notice it.

Banner Ads

Banner ads could be considered as one of the best ways to get potential visitors on your website. But always remember to optimize your ads for mobile when you move from your desktop site to mobile site.
Also, you have to play smart with banner ads, because sometimes they are the major reason why many people delete the app permanently. Don’t give useless ads which will irritate users unnecessarily, but provide relevant and informative ads so that people actually click on them.

Automated mobile communication platform

Myths of Innovation in Business

  • Businesses today do not innovate anymore – It is a common opinion in today’s world that businesses are no longer coming up with innovative concepts. Mobile phone manufacturers are a perfect example, ‘… they simply launch new products that add subtle new features and are slightly slimmer than the previous model. They all look the same and generally do the same thing’. This feeling that businesses are no longer innovative is a myth. Dig a little deeper in to what businesses are doing with driverless cars, virtual reality and automation and you will see that innovation is everywhere.
  • Product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter – This all depends on the market place that you are operating within. In the technology field for example product life cycles have become extremely short because products are not containing features that significantly differentiate them from the competition. The life cycles of a mobile phone, tablet devices or even laptops and desktop computers are extremely short today and many of these devices are out of date within months as something better comes along. Products in other marketplaces where there are high barriers to entry can have extremely long life cycles.

Lend Money to Your Business

The best procedures to follow in lending money to your company are:

  1. Write a check from your personal account to your business.
  2. In the memo section of the check noted that it is a loan.Create a promissory note agreement between you and your business.
  3. In that promissory note set terms, repayment schedule and include interest. This would be similar to any bank promissory agreement.
  4. The interest has to be reasonable; you cannot make the interest too low because this will raise a flag with the IRS if you are ever audited. According to the IRS code section 7872 (c) there must be interest imputed to “below the market loans” which are basically between family members, employers and employees, corporations and shareholders, and etc. Therefore it is very important to make sure all I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.
  5. To get a better interest rate to charge, you can check the IRS’s “Applicable Federal Rates (AFR)” which are posted monthly.
  6. Keep all copies of the promissory note in a safe place:
    a. Until the loan is paid back
    b. Just in case you are audited
  7. Once the promissory note is

Newspaper Advertising

The audience is more proactive

Most of the times the readers are proactive and they search for the ads and deals. Of course there is no guarantee that if your ad is in the newspaper the readers will definitely see it. However, if the reader is looking for something that you sell, it is quite likely that your ad will be able to attract user attention. What’s even better is that since they themselves have searched your ad they will take more time reading and understanding it.

It is less intrusive

When your favourite TV show is interrupted at the most crucial time for the commercial, it results in bad experience. The ‘to your face’ advertising methods, such as TV ads and pop-ups on the website are considered to be intrusive. They often don’t go down very well with the users. But with the newspapers, the ads are usually placed along with the relevant section making them less intrusive. For instance, if you want to buy sports goods you could find the sports ad in the sports section.

Better reputation building

There are several newspapers circulated daily. However, people usually stick to the

Asset Management for Small Business

Fixed assets are the items in your business that typically are not converted to cash. These items can be any of the things listed below but not land. They are used to produce goods or services, can be rented to third parties and for use in your business.

This type of business property has a useful life greater than one year. Inventory is not a part of this category because it is converted it into cash as fast as possible.

Fixed asset management is a specialized field in which an accountant should be engaged to track them properly. Tracking includes recording the date purchased, the amount paid, the vendor from whom the item was purchased, and most importantly recording depreciation. Depreciation is the method used to record the expense annually. An accounting transaction is used to record an amount to accumulated depreciation and depreciation expense. Without getting into the technical details of accounting, suffice it to say that if the transactions are not recorded properly then there can be a major problem when it comes time to filing your business tax returns.

There is specific software that can be used apart from your accounting program if you

Vital Areas Of Business Finance


Whatever your business, it is a legal requirement that you record all financial details of your business.

Well kept books should provide a clear insight into the financial footprint of a business. From every big deal to the smallest travel receipt handed in by an employee, it is a legal requirement that everything is recorded. Bookkeeping is often a time-consuming task that is better outsourced to a specialist.

Cash Flow Management

Having enough funds to cover all outgoing expenses is crucial which is where good cash flow management comes in.

From regularly monitoring incoming and outgoing expenditure to ensuring monthly business rent fees and payroll can be covered; cash flow management is essential to your businesses survival.

Having an appropriate amount of funds and even a cash cushion to prevent debt is also a good, preventative measure. With regular cash flow management you can stay on top of all finances, deal with overspending and even determine where savings can be made.


However many members of staff you employ, you have a legal obligation to ensure that you are at the very least paying minimum wage. Setting up payroll,

Form The Culture Of Your Business Startup

Find Your Purpose

Start by thinking about what the vision for your business really is. You need to think about where you where you are headed and where you want to go. Having some direction early on with your business startup will give you, as well as your employees, something to work towards and aim for. The decisions and choices you make should directly support your vision and allow you to drive your company well into the future.

Along with your vision, you need to create the values that your business startup stands for. This is an important step as this will carve out the ideals of your brand and expectations of your employees. Your employees are just as much a reflection of your business as you are and having values that they can live up to can bring a strong reputation and recognition to your company.

Spread the Message

Once you have developed a vision strategy for your business startup, you need to be vocal about it. You can’t expect your team to catch on if they are unaware of its evolution. Spread the message and allow yourself to be transparent about its