Business With Marketable Floor Stickers

Floor stickers or decals are another way to reach your clients or customers. Floor stickers capture the attention of your clients, and reinforce your marketing statement by offering a different way to showcase your brand. Floor stickers can be used to direct attention towards special promotions or events. It’s a versatile and unusual marketing tactic, for which can end up bringing greater awareness to your company or product.

One of the most important factors you must take into consideration is knowing what sticker you need based on what your floor is made of when choosing a sticker. Whether tile, carpet, or concrete, the material of your floor will matter when you choose the material of your sticker. The floor sticker and graphics should stay firmly in place, without leaving adhesive residue or damaging your floor. For smooth surfaces such as tile or concrete, chose a floor sticker with adhesive or rubber composite at the bottom to avoid traction. If the flooring is made out of lesser common materials such as rug, choose a thicker sticker pressed on a floor mat.

If your sticker is in areas of heavy traffic, they must be resilient to scuff and scratch marks. Additionally, they must be able to withstand any floor cleaning materials and methods. Likewise, they must have a sealant or coating on top of the material to avoid a customer slipping on your graphic. Most of the floor stickers already come premade with this coating, but it is an extremely important question to ask.

Floor stickers are a cost efficient way to promote business and expand awareness while having the customer in your establishment. They can provide direction, marketing, or tips to make your company more memorable. By knowing the materials of your floor, as well as the materials of your sticker, you’ll be able to save yourself time and frustration. If you take into consideration these tips, you’ll have a reusable floor sticker that will last your company a long time and pay back its worth to your clients considerably.